Welcome to My New Blog!

I’m so glad you’ve wandered over to my little corner of the web!

I’m excited to begin this new blog and connect with you more! Every 2 weeks or so I’ll be publishing a new blog post covering topics including:

  • The Creative Business – specifically focusing on the design and creative industries and what is most relevant and helpful to you as a designer or creative professional. I’ll cover a range of things from tips & tricks, to best practices, systems, troubleshooting common stumbling blocks and everything in between!
  • Entrepreneurship – here I’ll touch on all the amazing benefits and unique challenges that come with being an entrepreneur! I’ll be including lots about my own experience as a mom who is raising a family and building a business at the same time!
  • Community – I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating each others successes, sharing all the amazing work being done and supporting, empowering, and amplifying the voices of marginalized groups or people within our industry.
  • Inspiration – creative and design inspiration! Sometimes it will be imagery, other times quotes, written word, or other multimedia.
  • Travel – I have loved travel since I was a kid! One of the big drivers for me when I started my business was that it gave me the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, so I could travel more and still make a living doing the work I love!
  • Personal – I hope you’ll allow me to share some peaks into my life, my family, and my heart as we get to know each other more!

I hope you’ll not only enjoy my posts, but find value in everything I share!

Thanks again for being here with me!

If there is something more you’d like to see me focus on as I develop this blog, please let me know in the comments!


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