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Are you ready to be the proud owner of a thriving creative business? One that gives you the freedom to live the lifestyle you want while doing the creative work you love? One that is solid and running like a well oiled machine, with raving clients and successful projects launching regularly?

Let's make it happen!

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it's easy and that I have some super secret recipe. It's hard work, but it's a lot easier with a little help and guidance!

The reality is, I know way too many talented creatives who have struggled and failed at running their own businesses. Or were able to get them off the ground, but then struggled to scale and get their operations in order, so instead they sort-of limped along with a business that was duct taped together behind the scenes.

Their struggles usually had nothing to do with their creative skills...most of the time they struggled because they didn't have the access to the right resources and guidance. No one ever taught them how to run a business, and that's not their fault! 

While I don't have a secret recipe - I do have 13+ years in the industry, years of experience running a design studio in NYC as their Director of Operations and Director of Client Services, years of freelancing experience, and my own experience running a successful creative business that you can tap into to help your business grow!

I'm here to help!

Whether you're just starting your creative business or you've had your business up and running for a few years now, but need a little help taking it to the next level, or are ready to get out of the day-to-day operations of your business so that you can step into your role as a true CEO, I want to see you succeed! 

That's why I offer a few different level coaching packages, as well as done-for-you COO services that meet you where you (and your business!) are, and are completely customized to your unique needs.

They all start with a FREE 30-minute strategy call to make sure that we're a good fit to work together and that we have a clear game plan right from the beginning - all before you pay a penny!

If you're not quite ready for a full commitment, but you have an area where you need a little help, we can jump on a 90-minute Clarity Call for a quick breakthrough or two!

So, take a look at the packages below and schedule a free strategy call! I would to love chat and to get a better idea of what you need and how we can work together to improve your business!

Are you dreaming of freelancing? Or thinking about taking that side-hustle from part-time to full-time? 

Maybe you're even dreaming of starting your own studio but you just don't know where to start?

Don't worry...I got you.

It can be confusing and overwhelming to start a new venture or make it official. There's so much conflicting advice out there and so many things to consider!

How do you decide what to do first? Where do you put your time and energy? Are you even ready for this???

I'll walk alongside you and cheer you on as you take your first steps to creating the business you've been dreaming up.

I'll guide you through the process, the decisions you have to make and help you set your priorities.

I'll be your cheerleader and your sounding board, and I'll give you the benefit of my own personal experience of growing and running a creative business!

WHO IT'S FOR: Designers and creatives who are ready to jump in and start their own business!

Whether you just have a few projects under your belt, you have a freelance gig you've dabbled in but have never treated as a real business, or you're looking to start something completely from scratch, I'm here for you!

You have to be willing to show up and put in the work though! Starting a business is no easy task! But it's totally doable and I'll be here every step of the way, supporting you and cheering you on!

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: We'll work together for 3 months, one-on-one. 

During the 3 months, we will spend an hour together each week on a live video chat working through your business and discussing questions in real time. You'll also have my continued support throughout each week via email and Voxer.

I'll help you lay the groundwork for your business. We'll cover everything you need to consider as you get your business off the ground - from services, to pricing, to establishing your niche and finding your voice in your messaging,

By the end you'll have a solid foundation, clear direction, and be operating as a real business - clients and all!

So...are you ready to make the leap and really get your design business going?

*Please note: Spots are limited! 

Schedule A Strategy Call

1:1 Coaching to:
START Your DESIGN OR Creative Business

*Please note: Spots are limited! 

Schedule A Strategy Call

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Do you want to spend more time creating and less time on the boring but necessary business tasks?

After all, you got into this for the freedom and to make a living doing the creative work you love, right?

Where there's a will, there's a way!

And in this case, that way looks like me helping you put the right pricing, systems, and processes in place to work smarter, not harder. We'll get your business running like a well-oiled, profitable machine!

WHO IT'S FOR: Design or creative business owners (freelance or small studios) that are up and running but need a little help taking it to the next level.

You have clients and projects but you're tired of juggling all the things, worrying about all the moving pieces, and maybe a little too close to burning out. 

You're ready to get things off your plate and get systems in place that can run in the background and free up your time and energy. 

You're also ready to have a crystal clear game plan and goals for the future of your company. Whether you are looking to grow and scale, work less and make more, or make a strategic pivot - you're ready to make a plan and start executing (with a little help and guidance along the way!)

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: For 3 months I'll work with you one-on-one. 

Together we'll assess your business to identify and prioritize  the opportunities you have and the pain-points that we can address to move your business forward.

We'll put together a customized game plan and begin implementing solutions to give you the freedom, piece-of-mind and growth you are looking for.

During the 3 months, we'll spend an hour together each week on a live video chat, working through your issues and discussing questions in real time. You'll also have my continued support throughout each week via email and Voxer.

So...are you ready to take your business to the next level and reclaim your time?

1:1 Coaching to:
Optimize and Grow Your Design Or Creative Business

My COO packages are for 6 and 7 figure creative entrepreneurs who are looking for COO level support as they run and grow their business!
It’s a full-service, done-for-you package, where I step in and serve as your outsourced COO. I’ll run the day-to-day operations of your business so that you can focus on your role as CEO and the work you love, while having peace of mind, knowing that your systems are streamlined and efficient, your team is happy and working effectively, you're delivering above and beyond for all your clients, and you have the strategic support you need to meet your goals and realize your vision!

Did I mention getting out of the weeds AND saving you time?

WHO IT'S FOR: 6 and 7 figure creative entrepreneurs who are ready to scale, but are overwhelmed with the operation side of their business and looking for support.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: My COO services are retainer based, so you'll reserve.a set number of hours per month for hands-on work and support within your business. (We can work together to figure out what that number is for you!)

To kick-off our time together we'll dig deep into your business, looking at your current needs and opportunities for growth and optimization. We'll also discuss your vision and goals for yourself as CEO and for your company's future. Typically we cover things like business strategy, growth opportunities and strategy, systems, processes, building and supporting your team, company culture, offers, pricing, and more.

With all this information, I create an Implementation Plan and Strategy that covers what we'll address, when, how, and who will be involved. We'll clearly define my role and responsibilities within your business so that we can be sure you are getting all the support you need as you get out of the weeds and step more into your role as CEO.

Then I'll dive in and serve as your COO, freeing you up to step back from the day-to-day operations!

We'll set a weekly CEO/COO touch-base to review progress, address issues, make sure we're aligned, and continue to grow towards your vision. Additionally, you'll have access to me via email and Voxer (M-F) for real-time support as needed.

With me as your outsourced COO, you'll be able to step out of the day-to-day of your business and trust that it's still running like a well-oiled machine and on track for the growth you've envisioned.

So...are you ready to get out of the weeds and become your next level CEO?

*Please note: Spots are limited! 

Schedule A Strategy Call

THe COO Package:
Get Hands-On Support To Scale and Streamline Your Business

*Please note: Spots are limited! 


Not quite ready for a full-time coach and a 3-month commitment? But still looking for a little help and guidance?

No worries - I totally get it and I'm happy to help!

WHO IT'S FOR: Design or creative business owners (freelance or small studios) who need help with one specific issue or in one specific area of their business.

You're not looking for full time support, but you could really use some help and guidance to break through your biggest challenge or struggle. 

You're looking for clarity on next steps and quick wins that will put you on the right path and help you move your business forward.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: When you request a 90-minute clarity I'll send you a short survey to gauge where you are at in your business, what your biggest struggles are and where you'd like help. This makes sure we can both show up to the call, fully prepared and ready to dive in. I want you to get the most out of this that you possibly can!

During the call we will do a deep dive on your issue. We'll discuss the root of the problem, some possible approaches and tactical steps you can take to move through the issue.

Before the end of the call we'll put together a plan of next steps for you, so you have a clear path forward.

For one week following the call as you begin to execute the plan and work through your next steps, you will have  my continued support via email. 

So...ready to breakthrough your toughest issue and get clarity on your path forward?

BREakthrough your Biggest Business Issue

- Joana M.

1:1 Coaching Client

Before I worked with Erin, I felt overwhelmed and disorganized running my growing business.

 Since then, I have onboarded 10 employees, put HR systems in place, gained management skills and communication skills for my team, and developed the plan for the next phase of my business!

- Nataley S.

COO Client

I would absolutely recommend Erin's COO services because she can see the big picture of someone’s vision for their business, then break it all the way down to the day-to-day, while utilizing effective systems specific to Them.

She laces all that with her passion for customer experience so that what truly matters - serving others - never gets lost in the business to-do’s.

- Simeron T.

1:1 Coaching Client

Since working with Erin my whole mindset has changed. I no longer feel overwhelmed or like My business is out of control with no direction.

I have so much clarity within my business. I also have clear goals and a useable action plan to help me get there. Overall the backend of my business has transformed into a finely tuned machine!

- Margo T.

90-minute Intensive
& COO Client

Erin is like a secret weapon! She will help you shine the light in the corners that maybe you haven’t been paying enough attention to.

 Erin sees nothing but potential for you, and that, my friend, results in direct business growth & potential. Win win!

- Natalee S.

90-minute Intensive Client

Working with Erin has lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders!

 She’s the details and systems driven team member which is crucial for the success of any business. 

- Cindy L.

1:1 Coaching Client

Erin is fun, empathetic, and practical. she understands the complexity of design and simplifies the business side of things for designers, so that we are able to build upon the steps that she teaches.

- Afrida H.

It has been an amazing ride, pushing myself to think more on my business. The motivation and constant feedback has opened many doors for me now that I previously didn’t know existed. I feel more confident and worthy of my work after these sessions.

It was definitely a great experience. Once again, thank you Erin!      

Program Client


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