How To Approach The “Holiday Limbo Week” As A Creative Business Owner 

It’s the tail end of December and well into the holiday season, which means we’re heading into one of my FAVORITE weeks of the year! 

That strange week between Christmas and New Year’s when everything feels somewhat suspended in time and space. 

Some people call it the “Dead Week”, Canadians call it “Boxing Week”, and Norwegians call it, “romjul” which translates to something like “space” or “room.”

But I tend to think of it simply as “limbo week.” A time when, in the words of Drew Carey of Whose Line, “the rules don’t matter and the points don’t count.”

And if your house is anything like mine during that week, the kids are off, schedules fly out the window, and you might be taking time off from your creative business as well (I sure am!)

While the time off is definitely welcome, it can be tricky to figure out exactly what to DO with all that open time!

I was chatting with several friends at brunch recently, and found everyone’s approach to this week so intriguing!

Team Energizer Bunny vs. Team No Deadlines

We were divided into two “teams.”

Half of the friends I talked to were on team, “energizer bunny.” They use this time to get ALL the things done. 

For them, in life and business, that new year planning kicks into HIGH gear. They lean into the available time and space and like to fill it with things that light them up and get them excited. That enthusiasm leads to taking action and making progress.

However, the other half of us (the half I fall into! haha) claim team, “no deadlines” because we choose to give into the holiday coma vibes! 

We see the time between Christmas and New Year’s as a week to rest, relax, recharge, and honestly…ENJOY the fact that for just a short time, the structure, commitments, and demands of our normal, everyday lives melt away.

Which camp do you fall into? 

How I’m Approaching The Holiday Limbo Week

For me, it’s a welcome but weird week. 

I usually have no idea what day it is, as I coast through on holiday sweets, caffeine, and hot cocoa. I alternate between ALL the festive events and just cuddling up and getting cozy with the family to watch our holiday favorites (and maybe indulge in a glass of wine and a Hallmark movie or two after the kids fall asleep). 

During this period, the house tends to be in shambles…but at least it’s festive chaos! I find myself soaking in all the messy fun while also dreaming of the new year ahead and all that I hope (and plan!) for it to hold.

You see. I’m still ME, even during this holiday delirium!

The Type 1, planner, CEO, and (recovering) perfectionist.

In fact– 

Most people are seriously surprised to learn I’m not on team, “get it done” this week— myself included sometimes.

But as with everything, I truly believe there are seasons for rest and seasons for hustle. And what I need right now is rest!

While this is true for me, I definitely do not think there is a “RIGHT” way to approach the holiday “limbo” week! 

I don’t think you have to be all in or all out. It’s just a matter of what’s right for YOU.

This means you can give yourself permission to use this time however you like. Maybe being productive will help you feel one step ahead on your goals moving into the new year. Or maybe leaning into the downtime will allow you to refuel so you can jump back in feeling energized and rested come January 1! 

Plus, you can change your mind at any time!

It simply comes down to intentionality. 

When you decide upfront how you want to approach your holiday limbo week it can help you set healthy boundaries, establish priorities, and avoid the regret or shame of not “doing enough” (which can feel just as lousy as a post-spiked-eggnog hangover).

To speak frankly, while I do plan to take time off to rest, I probably WILL crack open my laptop a time or two. But only when it feels good, I feel inspired, and the family is otherwise engaged– because…priorities!

Heck…I’ll likely do it in my PJs, with a cup of coffee and a slice of pumpkin bread, by our living room Christmas tree!

But I’m not putting it on the calendar. I’m not forcing myself into a set time or expectations. I’m giving myself the grace to go with the flow and to make with it what I will.

And if I don’t that’s ok too! 

How Others Are Going Into Their Limbo Week

If you’re not feeling the “Erin Approach” to Limbo Week, no worries (or hard feelings)! There are plenty of other ways to utilize this time to fit your needs, preferences, and priorities. 

For example, one of my friends is taking a different approach. Instead of taking time off completely or working on her regular business tasks, she’s pouring herself into learning! She shared that she bought two online courses and she’s been itching to get into but hasn’t been able to find the time. So, she chose one to focus on and earmarked time during the in-between limbo week to finally dive into her passion. At an hour a day, she can get through it. So she’s setting aside her kid’s nap times to work through the course. 

COO Tip: This could be a great opportunity for you to carve our Creative Time for your business! 

Another friend shared she’s working, but it has NOTHING to do with her business! She is planning to use this time to focus on home improvement projects! She’s been dreaming up a bedroom refresh and she’s going to bring it to life that week. 

Yet another friend piped into the conversation that she’s following the no-plan plan…but her sister is a planner and will be filling her calendar with festive events so she is looking forward to sitting back and letting someone else take the lead for a change!

All this to say– 

I find each and every year that the “limbo” week holds a magical sort of power. Back in corporate I sometimes worked this week, but even then, the office felt different— calmer and less frenzied. 

Now, it’s easier to lean into the unique energy of the season to serve what is filling each of us up BEST as we prepare to step into the new year.

The moral of the story is, there’s absolutely no right or wrong way to use this week. And whatever you choose, or whatever happens, I hope it nourishes and inspires you! 

Looking Ahead

If you’re team “energizer bunny”, I’ll have a blog coming for you next week all about shifting your perspective around goal setting for your creative business  in the New Year. 

And if you’re leaning into the holiday coma vibes and plan to do nothing more than snack on sugar cookies and sip hot cocoa, it’ll be waiting for you whenever you’re ready to dive back into your business. 

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Wishing you and yours a VERY happy holiday season!


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