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All The Business Stuff They Didn’t Teach You In Art School

Learn how a Single Point of Truth can streamline your project management, ensuring clarity and cohesion across all your creative projects.

Say Goodbye to Confusion: How a “Single Point of Truth” Can Transform Your Project Management

Revolutionize Your Project Management with a Single Point of Truth

May 20, 2024

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing how perfecting your onboarding and offboarding processes can transform client relationships in your creative business. Learn practical strategies from a seasoned creative business coach to retain more clients, reduce the chase for new leads, and build a sustainable business that’s made to last.

Clients Coming & Going? Master the Onboarding & Offboarding Game in Your Creative Business

The Secrets Creative Businesses Need To Know About Mastering Onboarding & Offboarding

May 6, 2024

Ready to take your creative business to new heights beyond pricing alone? Explore proven strategies for refining your offerings, expanding revenue streams, and mastering sales and marketing for long-lasting success.

Beyond Pricing: Building a Sustainable Business Model

Craft a Sustainable Creative Business Beyond Pricing For Long-Term Success

April 22, 2024

Learn how to responsibly harness psychological pricing techniques to enhance value and increase sales in your creative business.

Unlock the Psychology of Pricing

Shape Perceptions: Ethical Pricing Strategies to Boost Your Creative Business

April 15, 2024

Did you know that customer feedback is crucial for setting the right prices for your offers and increasing your profits? In this blog, learn how to understand your clients’ needs, adjust your offers to meet them, and help your creative business grow.

Harnessing Customer Feedback for Strategic Pricing

How Customer Feedback Should Influence Your Pricing Decisions

April 8, 2024

Revitalize your creative business! If your goals fizzled out in 2023, discover 3 essential steps for a solid start in the New Year and ensure your creative business thrives in 2024 and beyond!

Revitalize Your Creative Business in 2024

Set Your Creative Business Up for Success in the New Year: 3 Essential Steps for a Strong Start in 2024

January 8, 2024

Tired of doing things over and over in your creative business? This blog’s got you covered. Learn how to stop rework by improving your back-end systems and enhancing your client experience! Make things smoother, stop reinventing the wheel, and rock your creative projects without the headache.

How To Put a Stop To Rework In Your Creative Business

Stop Rework In Its Tracks Once and For All

August 21, 2023

Tired of dealing with late payments? Don’t let outstanding balances hold your creative business back. Learn 3 simple and effective strategies to fix the issue and regain control of your finances.

Struggling To Get Paid On Time? Here’s How To Fix It

Leave Late Payments Behind: 3 Strategies Every Creative Business Needs

June 5, 2023

Have you ever wondered how inspiring entrepreneurs make a living doing the creative work they love? Learn how my client, botanical artist, Wendy Hollender, pursued her passion, followed the plants, and built her thriving business despite the naysayers. Furthermore, this blog dives into how Wendy and I worked together to improve her business and streamline her operations so that she could re-focus her attention on her art.

Client Spotlight: Botanical Artist, Wendy Hollender

Get to Know My Client, Wendy Hollender, The Artist and Educator Behind Draw Botanical

May 15, 2023

Looking to stop spinning your wheels and finally make progress as a creative entrepreneur? Look no further than “The 3 Movers” strategy! This simple but powerful technique can help you prioritize your to-do list and focus on the top three tasks that are essential to your success.

Boost Your Productivity with “The 3 Movers”

How To Use “The 3 Movers” Strategy in Your Creative Business

May 8, 2023

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