Boost Your Productivity with “The 3 Movers”

Do you ever have those days where it feels like you’ve been working nonstop, but you have nothing to show for it

You finally take a peek at your to-do list before calling it a night, only to find that not a single item has been checked off. 

And to make matters worse, the list seems to be getting longer by the minute, with no end in sight.

You wonder:

“How could it be that I seem to always be doing something, but nothing ever gets done?!”

That feeling alone is enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel.

So how do you stay the course, remain committed to your creative business, and somehow get things done?

I want to share a system with you that has been a game-changer for me, my coaching clients, and so many other creative entrepreneurs: 

“The 3 Movers.”

This system involves time-blocking and prioritizing tasks that will have the biggest impact on your business so that you can successfully move the needle and finally be productive! 

Keep reading to learn more about this system, why it is so effective, common pitfalls to avoid, and how to successfully put The 3 Movers into action.

So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to take your productivity and creativity to the next level!

What Are The 3 Movers?

The 3 Movers is a productivity strategy that helps you to identify and prioritize the three most important tasks on your to-do list so that you can focus your energy on the things that will be most impactful in your business. This, in turn, will allow you to stop feeling bogged down by the sheer volume of tasks so you can take action and make serious progress! 

Instead of trying to tackle everything at once, and often getting nothing done as a result, this approach helps to reduce overwhelm and sustain momentum on your way toward that big vision. 

When writing to-do lists, most people just get all their tasks out of their brains and onto the page without a strategy. Then, they proceed to move through the list (in no particular order) one at a time. 

This poses some serious risks when it comes to time management! 

Often it’s easy to get stuck on one cumbersome task that bottlenecks the rest of your day. 

On the other hand, sometimes tending to small, trivial tasks (aka doom scrolling social media or changing the font on your Canva template for the millionth time…) leaves us feeling busy but completely unproductive. 

When it comes to what actually needs to happen in our business we’re exhausted and don’t have the capacity to focus our energy where it counts.  

Instead of diving into your to-do list head first, The 3 Movers approach creates space to pause, evaluate, and realign your priorities! 

It invites you to ask yourself one simple question:

“What 3 things can I do TODAY to move my business forward?”

What are the 3 most impactful actions you can take, or tasks you can complete, that will move the needle in your business the MOST?

Instead of challenging yourself to tackle several tasks (sorry– there are no gold medals for most checkboxes ticked) it asks you to narrow it down to just 3. 

No more, no less.

How come?

Well, when EVERYTHING is a priority, NOTHING is a priority!

When you narrow your tasks down to 3 movers each day, it’s easier to get clear on your priority for the day, the week, or even the year!

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The Power of The 3 Movers

There are so many productivity “hacks” out there. From the Pomodoro Method to the “Eat the Frog” strategy (aka getting the hardest task of the day out of the way first). 

And while I find them all to be helpful at different times, The 3 Movers strategy is my all-time favorite because it’s not about being productive for productivity’s sake. 

Instead, it’s about putting your time, attention, and limited resources in the right place so you can maximize and optimize your efforts AND those resources on your way toward your business goals.

For creative entrepreneurs, this can be transformative in your business because you’ll quickly find you create more space not only for necessary “business stuff” but also for creativity and inspiration!

So, what makes The 3 Movers technique so powerful?

Honestly, its power comes from its simplicity. 

No timers, fancy planners, or wild mental hacks required.

When you know your 3 Movers for the day or the week you can get OUT of the overwhelm and into action.

The 3 Movers can create momentum, help you find clarity through action, and ensure you’re able to keep your to-do list manageable instead of out of control.


By sifting through your list of tasks so you can identify the top 3 that absolutely must get done that day. 

The rest can (and will) wait until tomorrow. 

The action and impact wil compound and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.

That’s it!

By narrowing down your focus to these essential tasks, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed and maintain momentum toward achieving your big-picture goals. 

It’s a smart way to stay on track and make meaningful progress without getting bogged down by the never-ending list of to-dos.

Unpacking the Challenges of The 3 Movers

As with any strategy, you’re bound to hit some speed bumps along the way until you get into a groove

You might be thinking, “This sounds easier said than done.”

And it’s true. 

There are certainly barriers to implementing this productivity technique successfully. 

So, what stops entrepreneurs like you from tapping into the potential of The 3 Movers?

The most common struggle: not knowing what to focus on!

It can take time to figure out what actually makes an impact and where your energy is most effective. And unfortunately, no method or trick can tell you exactly what those things are. It requires some trial and error, a dose of curiosity, and a whole lot of grit. 

But once you get comfortable targeting your needle-moving tasks, you’ll be cooking with FIRE!

I love this quote from Brenden Buchard because it drives the point home:

“What are the outputs that matter right now that move the needle most towards growth? What are the outputs that will help me stand out? If I can’t identify that, I can’t get ahead. Once I know those things, I can check to see how much time is being spent on them, adjust where needed, and then really kick some butt.”

So what’s the solution?

Ditch The Shoulds

One of the best ways to gain clarity when it comes to which tasks will and will not be needle movers in your business?

Cut out the shoulds!

“Shoulds” come from a place of obligation and usually aren’t helpful!

I often remind my coaching clients, 

“Be wary of theshoulds” masquerading as movers!”

When we start letting what others think or do influence our own actions we quickly lose sight of what is truly productive!

Let’s face it: 

As business owners, it is easy to be influenced by what everyone else is doing. We are inundated with tips, tricks, and strategies to get more leads, improve our sales, and boost our Instagram followers. 

But without discernment, what often happens is you end up with a chaotic collection of tasks that don’t work together and fail to reinforce your goals and your unique version of success.

That’s where The 3 Movers strategy steps in and helps you cut through the noise and customize a plan that will take your unique creative business to the next level. 

When you choose your 3 movers each day, you’re encouraged to re-connect to your vision and what success looks like for you so that you can feel confident that your daily actions support where you want to go each week, each month, and even each year!

Putting The 3 Movers Into Action

Ready to boost your productivity and finally take the necessary steps to make progress in your creative business?

Let’s put The 3 Movers into action! 

First things first, brain-dump all of the things you need to do to make them tangible. Often our tasks can feel more overwhelming when they’re floating around in our heads instead of laid out on the page.

Next, assess if all of the tasks on your list are really necessary. Is there anything you can outsource, delegate, or cut out altogether?

Then sort them by importance and/or by timeline. When considering what is most important, consider your definition of success as a creative business owner (hint: it’s different for everyone).  

With all of your tasks in front of you, take a few moments to identify your top 3 needle movers – the tasks that are essential to your success. 

Don’t overthink this (says the recovering perfectionist…)!

Maybe it’s finishing a major project, preparing for a presentation, or networking with potential clients. Whatever they are, make sure you’re crystal clear on what needs to get done and the order of priority.

COO Tip: Reminder! Limit your list to only 3 tasks. One of the most common push backs I get from clients is wanting to add on just one or two more items. If you’re thinking, “but I have 5 things that are REALLY a priority today!” the truth is those one or two things can most likely wait. Be ruthless when prioritizing and you’ll find that you tend to those genuinely important items on your to-do list way more effectively than you ever could spread too thin! 

If you’re having trouble deciding what’s really going to move the needle in your business, look at the data! I highly suggest you assess your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), any trends, as well as how you’re feeling and what is and isn’t going to fill up your cup!

Another thing you can do is to take a close look at how you’re spending your time by doing a time audit. This way, you can figure out where it’s all going and whether you’re being productive or not. 

For example, if you find out you’re spending way too much time on social media without really getting anything out of it, that’s a sign you might want to focus your energy on something else!

Next, you’ll want to block off time on your calendar for your 3 movers.

  • If they are larger tasks, you may set a specific day of the week to focus on each piece.
  • If they are smaller, you might focus a few hours on each one throughout the week.

By setting aside this time you’ll hold yourself accountable and stay focused on what matters instead of getting sidetracked or derailed by busy work that will inevitably pop up! 

Lastly, blocking off the time isn’t enough. 

You have to actually show up for these “appointments” you’ve set for yourself. Truly think of them as appointments. If you wouldn’t cancel on a client meeting, don’t bail on yourself!

I guarantee other stuff will try to sneak into the time slots you’ve reserved for your 3 movers, and it might even seem like a big deal at the moment. 

But here’s the thing: you’ve got to use your judgement, because nine times out of ten sticking to your original plan is the way to go. 

Get Started Today

Now it’s your turn!

The beauty of The 3 Movers is that it’s so simple you can get started right now and immediately begin to reap the benefits! 

Step 1: Braindump your tasks

Step 2: Assess and purge

Step 3: Sort them by importance or deadlines

Step 4: Identify your 3 Movers

Step 5: Time block it and Show up

Step 6: Make S*$t happen!

I’ll be cheering you on as you cut out the busy work and make meaningful progress toward your creative business goals. By identifying your top three priority tasks each day, you’ll be able to focus your energy and avoid getting bogged down by the never-ending list of to-dos and coulda-woulda-shoulda’s!

If you’re looking for more personalized support with implementing The 3 Movers into your routine, I’m always here to help. 

My 90-minute clarity calls are the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into your unique challenges and come up with actionable solutions. Reach out today to schedule your session and see how working together can help you feel not only more productive but more creative and inspired in your business!


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