When Things Just Click (What’s Really Behind the Success)

You know how sometimes things just click?

When you’ve been working really hard at something for a long time and it all falls into place? Suddenly you build momentum, and things seem easier, and start coming together?

It almost feels like magic. 

And from the outside, to anyone not putting in the hard work and long hours, it certainly looks like magic. 

Or even luck.

But then, when you look a little deeper, you can start to see what it really was that got you there. 


Your consistency got you there.

Showing up and putting in the work on the good days and bad days, even when you didn’t feel like it.

It’s easy to show up on the good days when you feel energized and motivated, on the days when you feel like you could take the world by storm.

What’s not easy? Showing up when you lack the motivation. When things feel hard or when you feel like you’re showing up again and again and not seeing the results you want.

And let’s be honest. Even if this is your passion, you aren’t going to be motivated every single day.

But you showed up anyway. Even when it was hard. Even when you would have rather been doing something else. Even when there were a million and one distractions pulling you away. You still found a way to show up consistently.

Maybe you used systems to help you get things done. Maybe you made showing up and doing the work a habit, so you didn’t have to think about it as much. Maybe you hired help or built a team.

Whatever it was, whatever worked for you, you figured it out. And it paid off in spades.

Showing up consistently, is a major part of what got you there.


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that if you’re seeing some major success in something, you invested in it.

To see success, you need to make an investment. 

That investment can be a sum of money, or your time, effort, or energy. And honestly, probably a mix of all of them!

Maybe you put money into it. You hired a coach, enrolled in a course, bought the right software or equipment, hired a team, contracted experts, or sourced materials.

Maybe you invested your time and energy into it. You stayed up late, woke up early, worked through weekends/holidays/lunch breaks. You probably laid awake in bed at night, thinking about it, dreaming up possibilities and making plans.

And you probably made some sacrifices along the way. You may have missed events to carve out time or you skipped your fancy coffee each morning to save some money. 

Whatever that investment looked like for you, you made it work. And by investing in it, you made it a priority. You made it real and took action towards it.

And now, the success feels easy. But it only feels that way because you’ve invested your time, money, and energy in things that allowed you to grow and reach the goals you set for yourself.


You’ve lived up to your promises and stuck to your word.

Whether they were promises to yourself, to your clients, your family, or friends. You showed up and you delivered – and probably even over delivered most of the time.

You’ve built a reputation as someone reliable, honest, and trustworthy and it made an impact. 

Maybe people took notice and your relationships grew. People want to surround themselves with people they know, like and trust. When they know you will show up, stick to your word, and do a heck of a good job doing it, it’s amazing how your network of friends, clients, supporters, and cheerleaders will grow!

Or maybe this success was strictly personal, and you showed up for yourself. You made yourself promises and fulfilled them every day. You got up early to get the workout in, or shifted your spending habits to pay off debt…whatever it was, you kept your promises that you made to yourself when it would have been easy not to! And that’s infectious as well.

You showed integrity at every step of the way, and that is a huge part of what got you where you are today.

And so you see, it’s not magic or luck at all.

It’s all the hard work, the behind the scenes stuff, coming together when something clicks.

And they might not see it from the outside, but you’ll always know what really went into it.

If things haven’t clicked for you yet, keep at it. If you are consistent, you invest, and show integrity, you will see results. And if you’d like a little support to help you get there and see those results faster, schedule a free strategy session with me! I’d love to support you, and maybe even give you the clarity you need to help things fall into place for you!


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