How To Make Your Own “Luck” In The Creative Business Space

It’s easy to chalk success up to good luck.

She just got a lucky break.

It was a stroke of beginner’s luck. 

He happened to be at the right place at the right time.

These discredits about entrepreneurs and creative business owners who have quote-unquote “made it”  literally make me want to SCREAM!


Because they blatantly ignore all the hard work, time, and energy that goes into building a business.

AND at the same time, these remarks make those who haven’t quite reached their version of success (yet) feel like it’s out of their control and up to chance alone.

Talk about discouraging…

You might even be guilty of this yourself if you find yourself thinking that LUCK is the difference between your business and the uber-successful businesses you compare yourself to while doom scrolling through TikTok and Instagram. 

Sure, sometimes the stars align and things happen to work out.

But I don’t think fate is single-handedly responsible for anyone’s success in business or in life.

In fact, I believe that as a creative entrepreneur, YOU can make your own luck. 


It starts with a little bit of grit and the willingness to develop a strategy and show up consistently

From there, you can implement these 5 tried and true tips to make your own luck in business and take matters into your own hands.

Tip #1: Be The Dumbest Person In The Room

I’m about to use a really taboo word…

When you have a 6 and 4-year-old at home, this word may as well be a swear word.


What word am I talking about?



We NEVER use that word in the Cantwell household.

And yet here I am throwing it around all willy-nilly in a blog.

But I promise I DON’T do so lightly. 

Let me frame our convo with this:

I KNOW you’re not dumb. 

But, you don’t have to be DUMB to be the dumbest person in the room.

In fact, being the dumbest person in any space is actually the smartest thing you can do as an entrepreneur!

To quote motivational speaker Jim Rohn

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So, needless to say, it is really important that you’re selective about who you surround yourself with.

That’s why, even though I’m sure you’ve heard it before, I’ll say it louder for the people in the back:

You should NEVER be the smartest person in the room. 

Get yourself in front of people who are…

  • several steps ahead of you
  • innovating in their industry or skill
  • already living or doing whatever it is you desire

Once you find these people, spend as much time as possible around them. Learn from them, listen to them, and ask them questions. 

You will ALWAYS walk away a better entrepreneur as a result.

Tip #2: Know What You Want

Success comes in many different forms and varies dramatically from one person to another.

If you’re striving for “success” without understanding what that looks and feels like for YOU, you’re reaching for something vague and obscure.

It’s no wonder you’re struggling to reach it: 

You don’t really know what “it” is (or isn’t for that matter)!

Defining your version of success is essential to creating your vision, and therefore your own luck. 

Getting clear on exactly what you want will allow you to stop wasting your precious time and energy spinning your wheels or chasing the wrong thing. 

It will also ensure that you can take advantage of aligned opportunities when they arise instead of battling indecision or getting distracted by the next shiny new thing!

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Tip #3: Bet On Yourself

Yep –

Often success comes to those who are willing to take risks and put themselves out there!

IMO: Good things do not come to those who wait.

They come to those who are willing to go after their dreams!

You create your own luck and opportunities when you take chances and put yourself out there! 

Whenever I hesitate to take a leap of faith in my business, this quote pops up in my mind without fail,

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretsky

So what does that look like in action?

  • Ask for what you want. Want to land that big-name client? ASK! What do you have to lose? The worst thing they could do is say no, and then you’re right back where you started. Plus – best case scenario, they actually say YES. Make stuff happen! 

  • Try. Even if you think you might fail. I’m all about failure and believe it’s a necessary part of growth. The key is to fail fast and fail forward, meaning you brush yourself off and learn from experiences that didn’t go exactly the way you had hoped.  

  • Believe in yourself no matter what. This one is often the toughest, but I truly believe that you need to become your number one fan! This is the kind of confidence that will help you ask for what you want and try new things, even if the sheer thought of going after your dreams feels equal parts exciting and terrifying!

Asking, trying, and believing are key to making your own luck. 

Tip #4: Like Attracts Like

You get what you give!

This is often true in life, but also in business!

Focus on the types of projects you enjoy doing,and working with people and companies you believe in (aka your ICA or ideal client avatar).

People will see this and often their perception of you will be based on who you surround yourself with and the types of projects they actively see you creating!

It’s also how they will decide what type of opportunities to offer you…because it guides what you are known for!

This is why niching down can be such a powerful force in your marketing sales!

But, proceed with caution. 

The opposite is ALSO true. 

When you take on projects that you dread or work with clients who don’t appreciate you or your skill, you will often attract more of those kinds of projects and clients.

It can be hard to avoid this pitfall, especially early on, because maybe you feel like turning down work is a crime!

But in reality, you’ll often find more success when you are selective about the kinds of projects you take on and the caliber of clients you work with. 

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Tip #5: Lead With Integrity

I’ve saved the best and most important tip for last. 

Whatever you do, be sure to do it with integrity. 

At the end of the day, people do business with people. 

Entrepreneurship is all about relationships, and when you take the time to treat the people you work with and serve with care and respect, they will always take notice. 

So how can you build trust with your clients?

  1. Be consistent. Especially when it comes to the important things like communication, attention to detail, deadlines, and healthy boundaries!

  2. Create an intentional client experience from start to finish. Be sure to consider how you can care for your clients at every touchpoint, including before and after they work with you!

  3. Stick to your word. This goes beyond the legality of contracts. If you say you’re going to do something, stand by your commitments and always follow through!

You’ll develop trusting relationships with fellow business owners who are willing to stand by you, as well as a client base of raving fans who sing your praises, send you referrals, and want to do business with you again and again. 

Ultimately, it boils down to building and maintaining trust. 

Your people will feel lucky to know and work with you, and YOU will create your own luck as a result. 

Go Make Your Own Luck

Stop wishing for luck to find you, and go make it happen!

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re a natural-born MAKER. 

Whether you make artwork, designs, or novels, YOU already create so much!

Why not make your own luck too?

I challenge you to take at least 1 of these 5 tips and put them into action this week. 

Step outside of your comfort zone and put yourself in a room of people who inspire you.

Get clear about what you want and what success looks like in YOUR business.

Push yourself to take that big leap! Why wait to do that thing you’ve been dreaming about?

Decide what kinds of projects you want to work on (and what you DON’T enjoy doing).

Clean up your client experience. Don’t worry,  start here if you’re not sure where to begin

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