5 Ways Content Creation Can Help Keep Your Business Afloat During Challenging Times 

It’s no secret that running a creative business is tough work!

You took the path less traveled when you left your 9-5, rolled up your sleeves, and decided to make a living doing the work you’re passionate about. 

Yet even the most ambitious, driven entrepreneurs (like you) hit roadblocks from time to time. 

It can be difficult to keep your head above water whiple juggling…

  • multiple client projects
  • team members
  • the current, unpredictable economy
  • constant changes and trends in your industry

…on top of the day-to-day needs of your business.

And honestly–

Creating content for social media, your blog, or your email list may seem like one more thing that’s always taking up even more of your already scarce time and energy.

But did you know THIS business secret?

Content creation could actually be the one thing that helps your business stay afloat during challenging times rather than the thing that drags you down.

It’s true!

Consistently sharing high-quality content can help you nurture your audience so that you have a consistent stream of warm, ready-to-buy leads who know, like, and trust you and your brand!

When you create content intentionally, you can say goodbye to:

  • The “feast and famine” cycle
  • inconsistent sales
  • dried-up leads
  • and unpredictable conversion rates!

So, if you’ve gotten a bit lax when it comes to content creation or you don’t have a content plan for your business at all, let this be the nudge to take that first step and finally take content creation seriously in your creative business!

Plus, I’m here to help so you don’t have to go it alone!

In this blog, we’ll explore 5 ways that content creation can help keep your business afloat even during your busiest and most stressful seasons, so you NEVER have to scramble to find new leads or generate income out of thin air! 

I hope that you’ll walk away from this blog feeling more committed than ever to your content creation plan!

#1 Boost Your Online Presence 

The other day I was getting ready to attend a wedding out of town. I decided to search for a local nail salon. 

I was excited when my Google search led me to a spot just a few blocks away from where I was staying. 

Naturally, I started digging to see what other people were saying, what services the salon offered, and what the physical space looked like.

I expected to find their website, a few Google reviews, and maybe even some photos of the space on Yelp.

I was beyond disappointed. 

Not because of any scathing reviews or less-than-impressive photos of the location.

I was turned off by what I COULDN’T find.

Besides a generic logo and a never-been-touched Facebook page,  there was literally NO information about this nail salon!

Rather than risk it, I decided I’d rather trek the extra 10 miles (and pay twice as much) to go to the well-respected salon the next town over.

I tell you this story to prove the POWER of your online presence and brand authority as a business. 

In both life and business, sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you DON’T say that makes the biggest impact. 

When you are actively sharing content online, potential clients can see what you’re currently working on and get a glimpse into your world!

#2 Build Trust with Your Audience

Content creation ensures that not only can your ideal clients FIND you, but they can get a feel for your brand, connect with you on a deeper level, and understand what sets you apart from the competition

Building trust with your audience goes beyond just showing up and being visible online. You also need to share content that is timely, relevant, and interesting in a format that your audience likes to consume.

That may sound like a tall order to fill, but it all comes down to listening and responding to the people your business serves!

Once you understand your ideal audience’s (or ICA’s) specific challenges, hopes, goals, and interests, you can customize your content to help them solve their problems, overcome adversity, and find success

When you share this kind of highly-specific content regularly over time, you will organically build trust with the people you hope to work with. 

If your free content resonates with them, they are much more likely to invest in your paid offers in the future!

#3 Stay on The Pulse of Your Industry

Sharing content isn’t just about what you give, it’s also about what you get.

When you share content online you will often get feedback. People will comment, like, and share the types of content that resonate with them. 

On the other hand, you won’t get as high of a response with content that misses the mark.

While this may sting at first (those vanity metrics can definitely hurt the ego), it can actually be an incredibly helpful redirection

Taking the time to understand what kinds of content your audience does and does not respond to will allow you to stay on the pulse of your audience and your industry so you can continue to be on the cutting edge!

Plus, it can ensure your efforts are going towards content creation that COUNTS! 

If your audience hates Pinterest and loves TikTok, you can stop wasting your time on a platform that doesn’t attract your ideal audience. 

When done right, this reinforces your brand authority and builds trust because you’re better able to share original, innovative content. 

Better yet, when you stop creating content in a vacuum and start regularly interacting with the people your business serves you’ll find it’s easier to:

  • Create innovative offers
  • Price strategically and competitively

Ultimately this positions you as a thought leader in your niche!

#4 Develop The Foundation of Your Sales Funnel

Content creation doesn’t stand in isolation. It works best when it’s part of a larger marketing strategy. 

In fact, when leveraged intentionally, content creation should establish the foundation of your sales funnel. 

So, what’s a sales funnel?

Think of it this way: 

Imagine you’re a talented graphic designer with a killer portfolio and a website to match. 

But how do you convert all those website visitors into paying clients? 

That’s where a sales funnel steps in.

Your sales funnel is the path that potential clients take from first discovering your business to making a purchase. 

It starts at the top of the funnel, where potential clients discover your business often through social media (content creation), advertising (traditional marketing like ads), or word-of-mouth (referrals). 

At this point, your prospects are cold leads. But the purpose of your content is to engage with them and build their trust so they become warm leads.

As prospects become more interested in your brand, they move down the funnel, learning more about your services and considering whether they want to hire you. 

Finally, they reach the bottom of the funnel. Ideally, they have transitioned from a cold lead to a warm lead because of your content marketing. This is the point where they make a purchase and become a client.

While there are several ways to engage your audience at the top of your sales funnel, content marketing is often the most effective strategy. 

First of all, unlike paid ads, content creation in the form of social media posts, emails, and blogging is essentially FREE or very low cost

In addition, it is more reliable than word-of-mouth marketing. While referrals are wonderful, they are often inconsistent and unpredictable. Content marketing is something you have more control over!

With your top-of-funnel strategy in place, it will be easier to map out the rest of your sales funnel. You’ll be able to anticipate and respond to your customer needs at every point of their journey!

COO Tip: If you do rely on referrals in your business, I highly recommend you create a referral program. Learn more about how to better capture and leverage word-of-mouth business here.

#5 Foster Client Loyalty

Content creation isn’t just for prospective clients! It’s also a great way to support and re-engage current or past clients! 

Don’t overlook the power of content creation in fostering client loyalty and keeping your clients engaged and connected with your brand! 

There is so much value in nurturing the relationships you’ve already established instead of only working on bringing in more new clients. 

Focusing on your reputation amongst current and past clients is one of the most sustainable ways to ensure you’re able to create a profitable business that’s set up for long-term success. 

Clients who feel connected to your brand through your content marketing efforts are more likely to become repeat customers and will often be thrilled to send new business your way through referrals.

Plus, you’ll become an integral part of your client’s journey over time, instead of just taking on one-and-done projects. 

It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved!

Help Your Business Stay Afloat

Content creation can be a powerful tool to help keep your business afloat during challenging times. 

By leveraging content formats such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more, you can engage with your target audience, maintain brand visibility, and stay relevant in the market. 

Ultimately this ensures you have a steady stream of warm leads coming into your business ecosystem even during the most challenging seasons of entrepreneurship!

I Practice What I Preach

Content creation isn’t just something I tell my clients to do. 

I do it myself– religiously! 

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The content I share is ALWAYS designed to help you overcome your most pressing roadblocks so you can find success as a creative entrepreneur no matter where you are on your business journey. 


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