Dubsado or HoneyBook?

? Beach or Mountains?⁣
? Pepsi or Coke?⁣
?‍? Mac or PC?⁣
? Pat’s or Geno’s? (Philly girl here…IYKYK!)

I bet you have an answer for each!⁣

But how did you decide? One tastes better to you? One works better for you? One is what you grew up with?⁣

Whatever reason, it’s actually deeply personal and specific to you. Specific to your preferences, habits, and experiences.⁣

In reality, there is no universal right or wrong answer to any of them. It’s all personal preference.⁣

So when people keep coming to me and asking Dubsado or HoneyBook?I have to say, “it depends…”

It depends on you, your work style, your priorities, your business’s needs, your location…and more.⁣

They are honestly both amazing CRMs. I’ve been Team HoneyBook and Team Dubsado at different times in my business. I have clients on both platforms.

So how do you decide without spending hours researching or stumbling through free trials? (you’re running a business..you don’t have time for that!)

Simple – I created a quick guide to help you decide!

The guide is a straightforward, no-fuss list of the 10 biggest differences between the 2 platforms, so you can (quickly) decide which is right for you! ⁣

Grab it here!

P.S. – I’m a beach/(diet) coke/mac/ Pat’s girl all the way!

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