My Tried & True Recipe for Implementing Rhythms in Your Business

Welcome to the closing post of our series on the “8 Rhythms Your Business Needs This Year.” This closing blog is intended to help you put what you’ve learned about each of the 8 rhythms into action with confidence and strategy. Just joining in on the fun? You can get started and learn what rhythms in business are here

At this point, we’ve done a deep dive into what rhythms are and the different types of rhythms you can implement in your business. 

First of all,


If you’ve made it this far, that means you’ve likely started putting some rhythms in place for your business. 

Even if you haven’t tackled your first rhythm just yet, simply following along and reading these blogs it MONUMENTAL!!!

It’s a huge perspective shift. 

You’ve already made SO much progress. 

Instead of moving through your business REACTIVELY, just barely staying afloat, putting fires out left and right…

…you have started to take a PROACTIVE approach to your work by understanding the value of rhythms. 

Let’s keep that momentum going!

Rhythms ensure everything is working smoothly behind the scenes in your business. This allows you to get ahead of the unexpected and handle the unpredictable head-on. 

That CEO hat looks so darn GOOD on you! And your business rhythms will help you wear it more and more often.

But, do you know where most entrepreneurs stall out when it comes to establishing rhythms in their business?


You see:

It’s like being a head chef! 

(I tend to be a bit more Martha than Gordon, but you do you!)

Understanding how to cook a delicious meal isn’t the gig! 

Yes, you could read all the books and watch how other cooks do it on TV. Or, you could even eat and enjoy this delicious food. 

But I know you… and being an observer simply isn’t your style.

You need to get in the kitchen, make mistakes, get creative, try things out, and finally, master the techniques, ingredients, and seasonings that will make that dish pop!

YOU need to make it your own!

It’s the same in your business.

I have the rhythms recipe for you to follow, but you need to add your own unique FLAIR!

When adding flair, be intentional. 

I’m here to remind you that throwing a bunch of new rhythms into your work without STRATEGY, is a recipe for disaster.


Because while every business needs to have these 8 rhythms in place, the exact structure of your rhythms will look different. How you choose to tend to them is the key, and it’s up to you to decide the details. 

So, this blog is intended to serve you as you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! 

Adding rhythms to your business won’t happen overnight. It will take time, energy, and critical thinking. However, with the right guidance (hi there!) you can and will be able to establish the right rhythms to keep all aspects of your work running behind the scenes like a well-oiled machine. 

You’ve got this!

4 Tips for Implementing Rhythms in Your Creative Business

Creating rhythms is one thing. 

Establishing and reinforcing is a whole different ball game!

It requires a pinch of commitment and a dash of patience.

Here is my best advice for not only deciding the right rhythms but implementing them so that you can see the results you’re looking for. 

#1: One at a time

I’m sure you’ve seen something like this on the side of a prescription bottle from the pharmacy:

“Take one per day.”

Yes, it is medicine. But it just requires one at a time. 

Not 2.

Not 4.

Just one.

Now… I am certainly no doctor. 

But common sense tells me:

If you try to take them all at once you most definitely will cause more harm than good and the medicine won’t be able to help you the way it was intended. 

Moral of the story: more does not always equal better.

I want to reinforce that I do not expect you to have implemented 8 different rhythms for all of the various aspects of your business over the last 8 weeks.

That is NOT the point of this blog series.

Even my 1:1 coaching clients don’t do this in a mere 8 weeks.

Not because they can’t but because it’s not sustainable even with all the right support and accountability. 

Racing through this process will not earn you a gold star or a shiny trophy (sorry). 

Rushing the rhythms in your business will likely leave you feeling more frazzled and overwhelmed than when you started. And honestly, taking impulsive action (even with the best intentions) can be damaging.

The purpose of creating and implementing rhythms in your business is to streamline and make sure you’re working efficiently. 

The goal is NOT to throw duct tape on your problems and expect a quick fix.

So, as you’re going through each of the 8 rhythms, for the first time or as a refresh, take it nice and easy.

Focus on one rhythm at a time. Let that rhythm take hold, and see if it has a positive impact on your work. Remember, you can return to each blog over and over again as you gradually layer in different rhythms in the future.

COO Tip: Copy and paste the blog URLS into a Google Drive, bookmark them to your browser, or pin them on Pinterest for easy access!

#2 You might not get it right the first time

This isn’t a test. 

There’s no such thing as a universally “perfect” rhythm.

It’s only RIGHT if it’s right for YOU, right here, right now.

If you (like me) consider yourself a “recovering perfectionist” I want you to listen up because thinking you have to have your rhythms completely figured out before you can use them is going to be PARALYZING

Your “perfect” rhythms do nothing for you if you don’t use them. 

Be brave and take messy (aligned) action.

Over time, your rhythms will grow and improve. But you have to start somewhere if you want to move from novice rhythm-setter to expert CEO.

It’s part of the journey!

#3 Don’t overcomplicate it. 

Sometimes we hear a cool idea (and yes, rhythms are REALLY cool IMO) and we overcommit. 

I get it. 

Shiny new thing syndrome is REAL. 

You’re so AMPED about all the amazing rhythms you’re going to put in place. 

But then you start doing too much, too fast (hello, burnout).

It brings to mind Avril Lavigne vibes from the early 2000s:

“Why’d ya have to go and make things so complicated?”

Rhythms are meant to help you simplify, not complicate your business. 

Give yourself a permission slip: let it be simple. 

Just because I’m talking about a specific rhythm doesn’t mean you absolutely need to incorporate that rhythm into your own business right away. That’s okay! 

I offer each of the 8 rhythms as a starting point. They are guideposts. It’s up to you to use your impeccable critical thinking skills to decide what works for you. You’re the CEO here– step into your leadership potential!

#4 Re-evaluate

Over time you may be able to layer in new rhythms or you might even shed old rhythms as you outgrow them. In each of the 8 rhythms blogs, I’ve touched on how rhythms in different facets of your work lean on and support one another. 

With time, this will be amplified. 

You may not need to have as many rhythms in place if the core few are intentional and stable enough to keep everything moving smoothly

Each time you re-evaluate, don’t just consider NEW rhythms you can add, but consider how you can enhance or simplify the ones that are already in place. There may even be times when you strip out rhythms that no longer serve you!

But Wait There’s More (Rhythms)

In previous blogs, I’ve explored some of the most common rhythms in business. They are present in almost every business whether you sell a product, a service, a course, or something else entirely. However, you may be scratching your head wondering, “well what about XYZ in MY business?!”

Just because a rhythm you need didn’t show up on MY list, doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid, essential rhythm for yours! 

In fact:

Kudos to you for noticing how rhythms can show up in a wide variety of ways shapes and forms. 

Your unique business may need to consider other rhythms that don’t show up for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Manufacturing Rhythms

If you have a product-based business or sell anything that involves manufacturing, you’ll want to introduce rhythms. These rhythms might include timing around things like: checking in with your factory, sending prototypes, quality assurance checks, etc. 

You probably already have some rhythms in place circumstantially since your sales rely so heavily on production. As you consider your manufacturing process and systems, get curious about the rhythms that are or are NOT serving you.

  • Is there a point in the process where things slow down or get interrupted? 
  • Am I doing things because it’s the best way, or just the way we’ve always done them?
  • Can I consolidate steps or streamline the process?

Get curious about how you can improve the manufacturing systems you have in place and add rhythms that help you tend to these practices at strategic points along the way.

Maintenance Rhythms

You’ll also want to consider your maintenance rhythms. Businesses simply cannot take a “set it and forget it” approach to, well, ANYTHING

As you move through each quarter, I encourage you to check in on public-facing and internal systems and rhythms to make sure everything is STILL working for you. 

Here are a few examples of maintenance rhythms:

Your Online Presence

Do you have a website? When was the last time you gave the design and copy on your website some T.L.C.? How about your social media profiles? All of these published platforms should be updated regularly throughout the year. 

No, I don’t mean you need to do a complete branding and copywriting overall. 

I just mean you need to review your digital platforms and make sure they are correct, optimized, and up-to-date. 

Business can move FAST and if you aren’t careful, you might realize that some of the information on your site can quickly become outdated. Not only does this water down messaging and reduce opportunities for you to connect with your ideal client, but sometimes information can be flat-out WRONG. This can present as unprofessional and unpolished

COO Tip: If you list pricing online you should be especially conscious of your website maintenance rhythms! I say this from experience. There’s nothing like a client coming to you requesting your pricing from 2-years ago and having to honor it because it’s right there on your website! Don’t learn this the hard way like I did!

Your Client Work

Depending on the type of business you have, you might also need maintenance rhythms in your client work. 

For example: I often coach website designers who choose to include maintenance rhythms in their contracts. They go in to check things like plug-ins, updates, website load times, and more to ensure the work they did on the front end is optimized and still working efficiently.  

Another example: My copywriter writes my blog content and links to relevant content from my past blog posts and outside links in the original post as she goes. Each quarter she’s built in a maintenance rhythm to go back and optimize past blogs. She logs into my WordPress site and looks for opportunities to link relevant past content to new posts. She adds links as necessary to ensure my audience is always connected to the piece of information they need most! This rhythm optimizes my blog content and enhances my SEO! 

If you have similar needs that don’t fall into the 8 rhythms I’ve established, that is totally normal. You may need to layer in unique rhythms as you go. It’s your business and every business is different. Ultimately you decide how you want to fully show up in your work. The 8 rhythms we have are the foundation because every business needs them, but you may choose to layer others in too. 

Your Recipe for Introducing Rhythms in Business


It’s time for the juicy stuff. 

I want to make rhythm setting as actionable as possible for you! 

Consider the overview of rhythms we’ve explored:

Each time you get ready to implement a new rhythm in your business, I encourage you to go through this process so that you can identify which rhythms will be the biggest movers, which rhythms you’ll come back to in the future, and which rhythms you already feel are established or don’t serve your work. 

Rhythms You Need Now

Hone in ONE new rhythm at a time that you need NOW. Let this be your main focus. Not sure which rhythm is going to be the biggest mover? 

Ask yourself:

  • What is something I keep putting on the backburner?
  • Which tasks are regularly getting dropped or missed?
  • Where do things feel messy in my work?
  • What tasks am I doing from scratch or from a full stop every single time?
  • What feels HARD? 

These questions should help you find clarity so that you can make a decision and move forward with confidence. 

Rhythms You May Need in The Future

Earmark a few rhythms that you’d like to introduce next. Understand that you want to give each rhythm time to sink in before layering on anything new. You can come back to this list of future rhythms each quarter to reevaluate what’s going on in your business and if that rhythm is still a priority. You may find that the last rhythm you added supports these rhythms and may not be as pressing anymore. 

COO Tip: When goal setting in your business, be sure to set goals around your rhythms or consider how rhythms can directly support the goals you have in mind!

Rhythms You Don’t Need

(right away or ever)

Some rhythms simply may not apply to you or your work. Just because I list a rhythm doesn’t mean you HAVE to include it!

While this can be true, keep in mind that as your business changes you may see a need for things you never expected! Keep an open mind as you grow, and consider that while you may not see the benefit NOW, your future business might bring up new and unexpected challenges that can be eased by rhythms you once had no use for!

Your Unique Rhythms

Lastly, consider rhythms outside of the scope of my blog posts. Think of rhythms like manufacturing or maintenance that are unique to your work, industry, and niche. YOU are the expert and I hope that this foundational knowledge of rhythms will help you innovate how and when things are done in your industry!

Let’s Sum It Up

Before you head off to create and set new rhythms in your business, I have a few reminders and closing remarks:

  1. These resources are available to you at any point (seriously, these blog posts are like a mini-course with all the info you need WHEN you’re ready). The links will not change, so be sure to save them somewhere easy to access. Some simple suggestions: bookmark the links in your brower,  copy the links and keep them in a Google Doc, or, if you use Pinterest, simply Pin it below to reference later! Consider this blog series a gift from me to you (and feel free to share with your biz besties!)

  2. At the end of the day, YOU know what’s best for you and your business. Yes, I am a business coach. Yes, I have seen these 8 foundational rhythms make a HUGE difference in a wide variety of businesses. Whether my clients are solopreneurs, web designers, large teams, copywriters, or Fortune 500 companies, rhythms are the difference between businesses that are just getting by and successful businesses that stay successful because they are sustainable. Know that my guidance comes from experience and practice, while also honoring your gut and trusting yourself.

  3. You should feel SO proud. Taking the time to get curious about how you structure and manage your business is no easy feat. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to a lot of people. The fact that you have committed to not only learning something new but implementing these concepts is admirable. I am so thrilled that you’re on this journey with me. 

  4. Drop me a note! Please know that my figurative door is always open and I encourage you to reach out if I can support you in your rhythm-setting process. Click here to email me directly.

With the right rhythms in place, your business will be humming along as you create the space, systems, and strategy that will help you to actively work towards, meet, and even exceed all the goals, resolutions, and dreams you have in mind!

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Rhythms ensure everything behind the scenes in your business is working smoothly. It’s a huge perspective shift.
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