Celebrating Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

My Team’s Journey to Work-Life Balance

In 2020, I officially brought on my first team member: my copywriter, Sam. I had been managing all my own marketing, and for a time, it was sustainable. But as my business expanded, my capacity was stretched thin, and I found myself unable to show up the way I wanted to with my blog, socials, and emails.

We clicked instantly, settling into a fantastic rhythm of brainstorming sessions, Voxer chats, and a deep dive into my brand voice, soon finishing each other’s sentences. 

This seamless connection was and is rooted in our shared values, priorities, and work ethic.

Shifting Rhythms

In 2022, when Sam announced her pregnancy, I’ll admit I was nervous about maintaining our rhythm. I knew all too well the demands of juggling family and business– especially in those early days!

I spent years in my business as a “nap time warrior.” I’d spring into action the moment the kids were asleep, squeezing every bit of productivity out of those precious quiet hours. 

But our aligned values, now deepened by both of us being parents to young ones, helped us quickly establish a new workflow that, while different, remained incredibly effective.

In this blog, Sam and I want to share how our partnership allows us to find work-life balance throughout seasons of life and work so we can be there for important family moments—like recitals and sick days—while still being productive, effective, and passion-driven in our own businesses.

Core Value: Family First, Always

One of my core motivations is my family—having the freedom and flexibility to be there for them in both the monumental and the mundane moments. 

This is a priority I hold not just for myself but for my team as well, allowing us to be as present as possible.

Sure, I want to leave a legacy for my kids. But I also want to be there for the big and small moments along the way. And I don’t believe it has to be all or nothing.

Sometimes, putting family first means Sam gives me grace when I can’t share ideas for our next blog until Monday instead of Friday because I had to pick up my son early from school with a fever. 

Other times, it means Sam might need an extra day to finish a blog because her son was up all night.

We remind each other often: family first. 

But the work still needs to get done.

So how do we “do it all?!”

It all comes down to having effective systems in place.

Our Systems

I live by the mantra: 

“I can do it all, but not all at once.” 

This mindset guides my capacity management as well as all the systems, processes, and SOPs that Sam and I have established over the past 4 years. It helps us prioritize and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Working Ahead

Sam and I have dialed in a pretty seamless workflow where we consistently work ahead, usually crafting content at least two weeks in advance. Approaching our work proactively creates a buffer that keeps us ahead of our schedule.

It’s kind of like setting your clock 10 minutes fast to make sure you’re always early. 

Even on days when unexpected delays might appear to put us behind, this buffer means we’re never really late. 

This “wiggle room” ensures that our deadlines are never pressing and that the quality of our work remains high, without the added stress of rushing to meet last-minute demands. 

By maintaining this buffer, we not only keep our workflow smooth but also allow ourselves the flexibility to adapt and respond to personal commitments or even creative sparks that require extra time to nurture.

Quarterly Planning

We plan out content for my business quarterly, establishing a clear vision well in advance— no flying by the seat of our pants here!

At the start of each quarter, Sam and I sit down (via Zoom) with a meticulously organized spreadsheet that outlines: 

  • upcoming business milestones, 
  • personal commitments, 
  • and key calendar events, such as holidays and seasonal themes. 

This includes planning for timely pieces, like this Mother’s Day-themed blog in May, ensuring our content is relevant and resonant.

During these strategic meetings, we brainstorm not only general ideas but also potential titles and key points for each piece. This preparation allows us to dive straight into writing with a clear direction when the time comes for each topic. 

By mapping out our content this way, we can seamlessly transition from one article to the next, maintaining a steady flow of engaging and purposeful material.

Unique Solutions

Sometimes thinking just a little outside the box makes everything gel!

One of my favorite productivity “hacks” is using Loom, a screen and camera recording tool that allows us to send video messages. I also find the screen recording feature on Zoom to be a great alternative!

Each week I send a video walking through my ideas on the upcoming week’s blog topic. Not only does this help me clarify my ideas, but it also allows Sam to start planning while on her morning walk with her son (thank goodness for AirPods!). She also finds it helps her capture my voice in her writing– weaving in phrases or expressions I use when speaking casually. 

Then, after a first draft, and a round of edits, when we feel we have everything proofed and polished, Sam records her own video of the final draft of the blog, email, and social captions we worked on during the week. This helps me review content on the go—whether I’m waiting at the bus stop, in the gymnastics parking lot, or during a quick break between my little dancer’s practice sessions in the studio lot. 

I’ve even reviewed blogs and worked on client deliverables in these often impromptu workspaces, from the gymnastics studio’s waiting room to the pool deck at swim meets. This not only allows me to make the most of my time but also helps me engage with the content more effectively. Hearing the words spoken aloud often reveals nuances that I might miss if I were simply reading them on the page.

It’s not just convenient, it also enhances our work and results from my raw ideas into the final polished version! 

I call that a win-win!

Designated Task Days

Designated days for specific tasks ensure we never leave things to chance. As parents, our time outside of work is already packed to the brim. Without a clear schedule, either professional or personal obligations are likely to take over and fill in the space.

That’s why Sam and I hold our designated task days sacred!

I dedicate Fridays to sending content ideas to Sam via our Trello board (what we call “braindumps”) while she reserves Mondays and Tuesdays for writing. This structured approach to our workflow guarantees that everything runs smoothly and neither of us ends up as a bottleneck slowing things down!

COO Tip: I recommend time blocking like this with any important tasks in your business. Often we leave things like social media engagement to chance. Instead, block it off like you would any other appointment. Only this appointment is with yourself—don’t let yourself down! If you wouldn’t bail on a client don’t bail on yourself!

Flexible Deadlines

In our work, we understand the difference between self-imposed deadlines and firm deadlines. Self-imposed deadlines are the ones we set ourselves, and they often come with some flexibility. 

This allows us to adjust our plans without reducing the quality of our output. 

We don’t often take advantage of this flexibility—it’s not a habit— in fact, we’re pretty disciplined in sticking with our agreed-upon schedule, especially since it affects both of us!

But when life gets stressful or our kids need extra attention, it can be a helpful reset and provide a much-needed perspective shift for both of us.

On the other hand, firm deadlines are more solid. They are critical for keeping our projects on schedule and ensuring we uphold our outside commitments. 

Distinguishing between these two types of deadlines helps us stay organized and manage our workload effectively, ensuring we can handle our tasks without feeling overwhelmed and still attend to other important aspects of our lives.

Imperfect Boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is crucial for maintaining the balance between our roles as moms and entrepreneurs. 

I firmly believe in distinguishing what I am and am not willing to do, and when I can or cannot engage in work. These boundaries protect not only family time but also my values, mental health, and overall well-being.

Even so, I’ve been guilty of blurring those lines.

I’ll never forget that time I was editing my digital course while in the car on a family road trip to Disney (but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!)

When I do squeeze work into moments like these, I make it a point to assess whether it’s impacting my ability to be present with my family. For me, it’s essential not to let these tasks steal precious moments.  

In this instance, the kids were napping, my hubby was driving, and so fitting in some work and getting it off my mind, was a compromise I was willing to make!

As moms, we often juggle a lot, and sometimes, we need to work in the in-between moments—I’ve tried to embrace that.

Even now, as I write this, I have a child snuggled against me. While work is important, setting and respecting boundaries ensures it never overshadows the vital moments with my family.


Being a mom to little ones means regularly facing the unexpected—sick days pop up, snow days declare themselves, and nap times are missed as you care for overtired kiddos or soothe away nightmares. Even the best-laid plans can veer off course. 

That’s why Sam and I give each other plenty of grace, prioritizing our roles as mothers first.

Outside of our systems and processes, a lot of our ability to manage these challenges comes down to mindset. Sam and I are not just in the same book but on the same page—often the same line. 

This shared perspective helps us understand and support each other exceptionally well, especially when things get tough.

All of the systems and processes we have in place to plan ahead, create a cushion of flexibility and space for these moments of grace. 

It’s a reality of our lives: we can’t be everywhere all the time, and we can’t do everything all at once (nor should that be the goal).

At home, sometimes this means dishes may sit a bit longer than I’d like, laundry may pile up, or the Chick-fil-A drive-through becomes a more frequent dinner solution than I’d like to admit. 

But this is part of the balance required to juggle the dual roles of being both a mom and an entrepreneur.

I’ll admit, it’s challenging at times. I often feel like I don’t quite match up to the Pinterest-perfect mom image I once dreamed of. But I’m learning to accept that imperfection is part of my journey as a recovering perfectionist

Support System

Our journey wouldn’t be possible without the incredible network that surrounds us. Our families frequently step in, providing not just childcare but also the emotional support and pep talks that fuel us. 

I am incredibly fortunate to have a husband who not only understands the demands of entrepreneurship but actively shares the load with me. This collaboration has become even more significant now that he’s ventured into entrepreneurship himself.

Sam’s support system is equally robust. Her son’s grandparents, all four of them, take turns babysitting throughout the week, enabling Sam and her husband to focus on their work from home. Their friends and neighbors are also an invaluable resource, always ready to lend a hand at a moment’s notice.

Our “biz besties” and incredible clients play crucial roles as well. They provide the professional empathy, values, and flexibility that allow us to thrive under pressure, reminding us of the grace and collaboration that can be found in the business world.

We are profoundly grateful for our support systems—families, friends, and like-minded colleagues—who make this journey smoother and more joyful. 

Here’s to Juggling Juice Boxes and Business Plans

At the end of the day, it all comes back to remembering WHY we do this work—putting family first and making decisions that uphold this value. It’s about aligning our actions with our deepest values and finding that the support we give and receive makes all the difference.

To all the moms out there—Happy Mother’s Day! And to those of you who also wear the hat of an entrepreneur, we see you, honor you, and respect all that you manage in both your professional and personal lives. 

Balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship is no small feat. It requires passion, dedication, and a ceaseless commitment to both your family and your dreams.

Collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs who share our values and understand our challenges has been invaluable. For Sam and me, our working relationship has transformed our approach to partnerships. This collaboration doesn’t just feel good, it enriches our lives so we can individually thrive in both our professional and parental roles.


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