The Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide to Email Marketing

Do any of these marketing scenarios sound familiar in your creative business?

  • You feel like you’re trying to capture a packed stadium’s attention with just a whisper on social media.

  • You’ve worked hard to build your online tribe, and it’s paying off – but the fine print keeps you up at night. You know these social platforms can pull the rug out from under you at any moment!

  • Responding to DMs, sending out updates, and managing your audience’s diverse needs has started to feel like herding cats. 

But here’s the deal – you’re not the first creative to face these hurdles.

The good news is that there’s a solution to these challenges, and it’s simpler than you might think. 

It’s called email marketing.

Yes, that thing you’ve probably put off for a while.

I get it; it can seem like a hefty task at first.

But I promise once you’re up and running it will streamline the way you connect with your audience, own your communication, and grow your creative business forever!

This week, we’re diving into the world of email marketing and why it’s an absolute game-changer for your business as a creative entrepreneur. 

No convoluted hoops to jump through or trendy hashtag frenzies here – just practical advice to help you kickstart your email marketing strategy (or kick it up a notch) with ease and confidence.

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Reigns Supreme

Navigating the world of online marketing can feel like trying to keep up with a treadmill set ten speeds too high!

There’s an ever-growing list of platforms, each vying for your attention, and it’s tempting to believe that your creative business needs to be everywhere, all the time, churning out an endless stream of content that not only plays nice with the algorithm but ALSO stands out AND keeps pace with the relentless flow of information out there!

Now, don’t get me wrong, social media is key when it comes to your brand’s visibility, marketing strategy, and customer connection. If it’s where your audience hangs out, it’s a critical piece of the puzzle. 

But—and it’s a big “but”—social media is not the be-all and end-all. 

Enter email marketing, the ruler of the digital kingdom. 

Here are five impossible-to-ignore reasons why email marketing doesn’t just keep up with the competition; it leaves content marketing, social media marketing, and even the flashiest trends in the dust.

Reason #1 You Own Your List

Imagine having instant access to a pool of loyal fans and customers who are always just a click away. With email, you have that power. Unlike social media, where you’re at the mercy of ever-changing algorithms, email lists are yours to control. 

Plus, you can move your subscribers from one platform to another if needed, ensuring your connection with your audience remains intact.

As much as you might WISH you could transfer all of those TikTok followers over to your Instagram account, you just can’t do that with social media

At the end of the day, you don’t own those followers. They aren’t truly yours (unless you happen to be our good friend, Zucks). And the risk you take with exclusively marketing on social media is that the platform could go down, they could lock you out of your account, or they could even remove your access to followers at any time.

Email, on the other hand, is yours, and yours alone. 

Reason #2 You Get Total Control

In the world of email, you’re in charge! 

You decide… 

  • …when those eye-catching newsletters featuring all of your newest creative endeavors go out

  • …how they look (they can be beautifully designed to reflect your brand style or you can keep it simple)

  • …the rhythm in which your audience receives them– maybe you choose to send emails every Tuesday (like me!) to add a touch of inspiration to their week. 

It’s your brand, your timing, and your rules. 

Reason #3 Reach Everyone on Your List

Social media algorithms often limit your reach to a tiny fraction of your followers. With email, you’re hitting 100% of your list every single time, giving everyone an equal opportunity to open, read, and engage with your content

Of course, there are spam filters, but if you share genuinely valuable content (and people are giving consent to receive your emails by “opting in”), you’re golden.

There’s no need to worry about mysterious algorithms hiding your posts from your followers which means no more time spent anxiously waiting for your creative content to surface in your followers’ feeds.

COO Tip: You can also get some really helpful feedback and data through your email marketing platform. You can check open, click-thru, and unsubscribe rates quickly and easily. It’s a pulse check that helps you see what kind of content is landing, and what’s falling flat so you can recalibrate as needed and give your audience what they really want and need! No social media vanity metrics here, just cold, hard, informative data that can help you drive your decisions with confidence!

Reason #4 Personalization Made Easy

Want to address your subscribers by their first name? 

Segment your list based on their interests or where they are in their journey? 

Email marketing makes it possible (and simple). 

You can tailor your messages to each segment, making your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them. 

I’d like to see TikTok even try to match that level of customization…

For instance, I have two distinct Ideal Customer Avatars (ICAs) for my business coaching and my outsourced COO offerings. 

I segment my email list to ensure that content related to business development reaches individuals who might be interested in my coaching services. 

Likewise, information about scaling, outsourcing, and operations management guidance is directed to businesses looking for this kind of support.

Reason #4 High ROI and Conversion Rates 

Let’s talk numbers, because the stats don’t lie.

“Email marketing typically has a higher conversion rate and greater return on investment”

People check their email, plain and simple. 

And could you guess the average number of times that 99% of email users check their inbox each day?

A staggering 20 times. 

That’s an average of 20 opportunities per day to capture the attention of your people with your content, offers, and creative work. At the very least, 84.3% of consumers confirm that they routinely check their emails at least once every day.

Those are some pretty good odds.

Now, here’s the magic number you’ve really been looking for – $36 for every $1 spent. That’s the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing. It consistently outperforms social media in conversion rates. 

More bang for your hard-earned buck.

Need I say more?

What to Look for in an Email Marketing Platform

Now that you’re convinced, it’s time to take action. Here’s some of my best advice when it comes to choosing an email marketing platform for your creative business:

  1. Make sure it’s easy (for YOU) to use. Honestly, if it’s cumbersome, annoying, or time-consuming, move on. There are lots of GOOD options out there! Pick an email marketing platform that’s user-friendly and preferably offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. No need to be a coding wizard. Templates can be a lifesaver, too. Often there are trial memberships that will allow you to get a feel for the platform before you invest in a subscription. 

  2. The power of automation can’t be overstated. Look for platforms that allow you to send emails based on time, user actions, and open rates. You can even use data to assess your audience’s habits. This kind of information allows you to send emails when your audience is most active, so your content is ready and waiting for them! For even greater effectiveness, consider implementing if/then logic based on email opens and actions. With this approach, you can automatically resend emails that remain unopened, send follow-ups, set reminders, or initiate targeted nurture emails after initial opens. When harnessed strategically, automation capabilities can be a game-changer!

  3. Email marketing platforms vary in pricing. Some charge based on the size of your list, while others offer different plans based on functionality and features. Consider what aligns with your business, size, model, and budget. There are tools to fit any price point, from free to low cost to high cost. 

  4. Integrations are important. Does it play well with others? Ensure your email marketing platform integrates seamlessly with your CRM, project management system, e-commerce platform, or any other tools you rely on (either natively or via a 3rd party like Zapier).

  5. Explore e-commerce capabilities. Depending on your business, the ability to sell directly from your email might have a huge impact on your revenue potential and sales conversions! Some platforms even offer built-in checkout functionality, simplifying the buying process for your customers (likely increasing your bottom line). Just remember, this feature might come with an extra cost, so keep that in mind when you’re figuring out your monthly budget!

Top 3 Email Marketing Platforms for Creative Entrepreneurs:

With so many email marketing tools out there, it can feel like a real maze when you’re trying to find the perfect one, especially something that will work for your unique creative business. 

The good news is, I’ve got your back!

To help you cut through the noise I’m sharing the top three marketing platforms that have been total winners for my clients (and me too!).

  1. Flodesk is my go-to, and I can’t sing its praises enough! (Feel free to use my affiliate link for some extra love– aka a discount code). With Flodesk, crafting gorgeous emails is a breeze, and you won’t even break a sweat. 

  2. ConvertKit is a top choice among creatives because it’s super user-friendly and packs a punch when it comes to automation.

  3. Active Campaign is known for its robust features and flexibility, it’s a great choice for those ready to level up their email game.

Quick Disclosure: The above Flodesk link I shared is an affiliate link, which means when you click the link and make a purchase, it won’t cost you more, but I may receive a commission for sharing this with you. I promise I only ever share what I use and love, so I’d be sharing this with you anyway!

Tips to Get You Started

Once you’ve found the email marketing platform that suits you best, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started.

I’m especially talking to all of you recovering perfectionists out there who are inclined to wait until you feel 100% ready before jumping in (aka never)

Keep in mind that “done” is way better than “perfect,” and email provides an excellent chance to experiment, discover what works, and let go of what doesn’t. 

Dive right in and embrace the learning curve!

Build Your List from Day One

Simplify the sign-up process. Make it as easy as possible for your audience to land on your email list. 

  • Embed automated forms on your website, 
  • feature them in your social media bios, 
  • and consistently promote them in your calls to action. 

An even more effective way to encourage signups is to offer a valuable freebie that resonates with your audience in exchange for their email! 

Remember, when people opt into your list, they are essentially giving you permission to show up in their inbox! This can give you the confidence to sell, promote, and share, knowing that they WANT to be there and care about what you and your business have to say!

Create a Welcome Sequence 

When someone opts in, don’t give them crickets! Let them know what to expect! Get them used to seeing your name in their inbox by creating a short (3-5 email) welcome sequence to introduce yourself, share your story, and provide value. 

Create this once and use it again and again!

Use this sequence as an opportunity to build the know/like/trust factor, and share a bit more about yourself and the story behind your creative business! 

At the end of the day, people buy from people, so it’s important to show them the real human behind the business! 

This welcome sequence can and should be automated, meaning the sequence is sent out anytime a new subscriber lands on your list, making nurturing your audience a breeze.

Send Emails Consistently

Create a steady email marketing rhythm. Choose a frequency that suits your pace (if weekly emails seem daunting, begin with quarterly and gradually increase). This habit helps your audience get accustomed to hearing from you. 

Remember, consistency is key. 

Your subscribers will come to anticipate your emails and, ideally, even look forward to them! This keeps your audience engaged and ensures you have a group of potential buyers ready to buy when you present an offer.

COO Tip: Looking to streamline your email writing process? Consider crafting a standard email template that you can use consistently. For instance, you can start by sharing your recent projects, direct them to any valuable online resources you’ve created (like a blog post), and gently remind them of the various ways they can engage with or purchase from you!

Make it Interactive

Get your audience chatting and dive into meaningful conversations. Emails are your go-to for gathering feedback, checking in on their interests, and doing some market sleuthing to figure out what they love, hate, or can’t get enough of. 

It’s like having your own personal focus group, and all it takes is a friendly email with a quick question or survey!

A New Era of Marketing Your Creative Business

You now have a solid understanding of the benefits of email marketing, its immense potential for your business, and some valuable insights on what to consider when choosing the right platform, including some popular options to kickstart your search.

The hustle you put into email marketing will totally pay off. It’s the personal touch, the promise of profitability, and the reliable thread that weaves it all together.

So, whether you’re a designer, wordsmith, craft guru, music maker, or artist, seize the moment to build that email list, pick the ideal platform, and dive into a new era (Swiftie-style) of connecting with your audience.

Are you prioritizing email marketing in your creative business this year? 

It could be the answer to some of your biggest challenges as a creative entrepreneur, like connecting better with your customers, improving your sales, and becoming more visible to your audience. 

If you’re interested in getting started with a little extra help, you can always book a 90-minute Clarity Call with yours truly to kick off your email marketing strategy.


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